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Capture the Flag

Capture the flag offline game:

I used to love this game was I was younger!

You will need to have two teams.


Team 1 would contain the front yard and Team 2 would contain the back yard, or a larger playing field would be split between the two teams. The teams were given a time period, 5 minutes for example, to hide their flag in their part of the yard.


When the flag was hidden you would announce that you were finished. Then you simply try to get the other teams flag. If you get caught and tagged by the opponent on their territory you had to go to jail and could only be freed by a teammate who tags you when your opponent wasn’t looking.


The first team to capture the opponents’ flag wins. In some versions you would have to both get the flag, and bring it back to your side, without being captured.


This game is really fun when played at night!

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